September 8, 2017

About BeachConUK

Brighton Beach Comic Con is real and it is happening! We’re booked in to none other than The Grand Hotel on Saturday 7th April for a one-day pop culture extravaganza!

The event date is right bang in the middle of the Easter school holidays and as we will be promoting this as a family event it is perfect for all ages. 

Beach Con?

Although not actually on the beach itself (see British weather!) it is in one of the main hotels overlooking the beach in a city that is famous for its… beaches. To differentiate this event from other events, the moniker of Brighton Beach Comic Con or BBCC was settled upon.

Who are we?

Brighton Beach Comic Con is run by the newly formed Alliance Conventions and is the first official event under that banner. The fandom-mad, crazy-eyed, fun-loving organisers have previously run volunteer-led events including The Highlands Comic Con: Fort Con, Camp Blood (UK), and the Isle of Wight Comic Con: Island Con which will soon fall under the Alliance banner at the end of 2017. Let’s just say – you’re in safe hands!

We’re thrilled to be bringing BeachConUK to Brighton in the Spring of 2018 and we’ll do all we can to ensure its success not just for the first event but for many years to follow. Your support is always appreciated and needed to see this event grow.

But mostly, we hope you’re as excited as we are!