September 10, 2017

General FAQ

What is the Brighton Beach Comic Con?

The Brighton Beach Comic Con or ‘Beach Con’ is a celebration of pop culture with exhibitors, guests and exclusives from the world of comic books, art, film, TV, games and cosplay.

Does Brighton Beach Comic Con have a Facebook page?

We sure do and you’ll find it right here – – this page is updated regularly and is the best way to share the event and news with your friends.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are exclusively available from and we will upload the ticket link once live. There is also Facebook integration with our Skiddle system which means you can buy tickets direct from the Facebook page by clicking on the BUY TICKETS button when live.

Why can’t I buy tickets from shops in Brighton?

To minimise fraud, all tickets are to be sold through the one central Skiddle database. This will bring down queue times and allow us to manage statistics in a more streamlined fashion. Should there be a great need for the purchase of offline tickets then this can be implemented.

Is there a booking fee on top of the ticket?

There is NO EXTRA BOOKING FEE when you buy a ticket for the Brighton Beach Comic Con, all fees are included within the ticket price. There is a 50p ‘Per Order’ charge for the use of Skiddle’s Rapidscan system. Our costs are completely transparent so you can see how much the total is before checking out.

What is RapidScan?

RapidScan is a ticket scanning system used for events with a large amount of people to speed up queue times and reduce fraud at the same time.

The guest I wanted to see has cancelled, can I get a refund?

All guests are confirmed to be appearing at the Brighton Beach Comic Con when we announce them on the website and social media. If, for example, James Cameron hires them for a role in Avatar, 2,3,4 or 5 then they might – might – take that offer instead. This is something that is out of our control. There is so much more to see and do and other guests at the Brighton Beach Comic Con that there are no refunds due to one or two guests being forced to cancel their appearance. Please ensure you do not buy a ticket only to meet one named guest at the comic con.

Is their a charge for autographs from guests?

Most of our film & TV guests will sign their photos for you, this does come at a charge and will be listed on the website. Please be aware that this is how some guests make their money and is the same for most conventions in this country and worldwide. When you approach their table, they will have their photo prints laid out on the table for you to choose, simply pick the one you want autographed!

Can I get a selfie with a special guest?

Most selfies are included with the purchase of an autograph. Please do not approach the guests and ask for free selfies. Some guests might be welcome to this but others might not be. In any instance please confirm with our guest liason team at the event to be sure.

Can I get a photograph with a special guest?

Yes, there will  be professional photo shoots at specific times for each guest throughout the day. There will be a charge for this which is listed on the website. Your photos can be printed on the day so that you can take the memory home without having to wait for days on end!

Is there a cosplay photo shoot?

There will be a professional photo shoot set up at Brighton Beach Comic Con where anyone dressed in cosplay can have their photograph taken throughout the day. You do have the opportunity to have your photograph printed on the day so that you can take the memory home there and then. Should you wish to have the photograph printed then there will be a charge for this service.

What about disability access?

The Grand Hotel has full access for wheelchairs and can accommodate almost all access issues. Should you have any problems during the main event day then just ask a member of the BBCC team and we’ll help out any way we can!


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