September 10, 2017

Security & Policies

Brighton Beach Comic Con Rules & Policies

We want you to have fun at the event and this is the main reason for bringing Beach Con to life. However the following rules detailed below are in place for the safety and comfort of all our guests. Please see our updated security policy below.

Code of Conduct

Attendees must respect common sense rules for public behavior, personal interaction, common courtesy, and respect for private property. Harmful or offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Beach Con reserves the right to revoke, without refund, the ticket of any attendee not in compliance with this policy. Persons finding themselves in a situation where they feel their safety is at risk or who become aware of an attendee not in compliance with this policy should immediately locate the nearest member of event staff, venue staff or security, so that the matter can be handled swiftly.

Security & Weapons Policy

No functional weapons are allowed at Brighton Beach Comic Con.

The event will have SIA security beside the ticket entrance who will be carrying out bag checks.

In light of recent events, these bag checks are now mandatory and we hope you understand that this is purely for the safety of everyone who attends the event. To avoid queuing delays, please leave bags at home or at your accommodation provider if possible.

Simulated or costume weapons are allowed as a part of your costume, subject to prior approval by event security and compliance with the following:

  • All costume weapons must be inspected at the weapons check desk just beyond the ticket desk.
  • All costume weapons must conform to current law.
  • Projectile costume weapons must be rendered inoperable for other attendees safety.
  • Functional arrows must have their tips removed and be bundled and zip tied to a quiver
  • Costume swords must be tied to your costume in such a way that they can’t be drawn.

After each person’s costume weapon has been checked, it will be tagged/stickered by a member of event staff.

If you do not want to have your costume weapons inspected or tagged, or if you are not willing to comply with these policies, please do not bring your costume weapons to the Brighton Beach Comic Con. A lot of this is common sense but please be aware of these policies before attending the event.

A more detailed weapons and prop policy can be found HERE.


Your ticket may come in the form of a printed sheet, badge, wristband, hand stamp or lanyard. Please do not give your ticket to a friend or to people outside the venue when you leave Beach Con.

You will need to bring a form of photographic ID with you in case there are any problems with your ticket.

No Trolleys, Rolling Luggage or over-sized pushchairs.

Please be aware that, due to safety reasons, no trolleys, rolling luggage, or double-width pushchairs will be allowed in the venue. 

No Pets Allowed

If you have pets, including dragons, parrots, boa constrictors, or other nonhuman critters save for those who are officially a guest of Brighton Beach Comic Con, please leave them at home. Exception of course for disabled service animals.

No Smoking, Including E-cigarettes and Vaping Products and Devices

No smoking is allowed at any Brighton Beach Comic Con event at any time and in any location. No smoking at Beach Con includes traditional cigarettes, pipes, cigars, plus E-cigarettes and any vaping product or device.

You are welcome to step outside to smoke in designated smoking areas only, but please be considerate of others when you do. This policy is in place not only for the comfort of attendees but also to comply with current government laws prohibiting smoking at public events within 20 feet of any doorway, entrance, exit or operable window. Please comply with this policy; noncompliance may result in being ejected from the convention.

The Brighton Beach Comic Con reserves the right to change or modify any policy or rule at any time and without notice.


Update (1) Sept 2017: Pet dragons may be allowed to enter if certification confirming removal of fire-breathing glands is proven.

Update (2) Sept 2017: The above update is clearly in jest, however if you do have a real fire-breathing dragon as a pet, we would love to hear from you – much to be discussed!